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  • z.B. Pretuler Polka, Ennstaler Polka, Dem Land Tirol die Treue, Der alte Jäger, Böhmischer Traum, Hiatamadl, uvm.
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These are the successes of our students:

Dear "Quetschn"- team, it has always been my dream to play buttonbox, but always thought it was too hard for me. It also cost me a lot to overcome myself with you, but I do not regret it a second. The feeling, when I could play my first piece after two days - simply INCREDIBLE!

- Beate, our student since November 2016

Dear Quetschn Academy!

First of all, a big thank you to you, with your help I have already learned 2 Christmas songs in a week. You also have a great selection of pieces! ...

Must admit, at the beginning was skeptical whether this works with videos, but after these successes I will remain your student for a long time.

Keep it up!

- Helga, our student since November 2016

Finally new possibilitiesto learn Diatonic Buttonbox fast and effective - super ... In my opinion, it's the best buttonbox-school at the moment.
... Thank you so much!  Keep it up! ...

- Hans-Jürgen, our student since July 2016

Since I have been learning with you, there is a lot of progress; your explanations and exercises are just great.

It is really a great pleasure to learn with you so, and all the pieces are mega super; Something for everyone; A super good selection; Plus the good bass exercises. [...]

All thumbs up for you from Vorarlberg and a very warm THANK YOU !!

- Thomas, our student since May 2016

First of all, a huge thank you to both of you. As you teach us the harmonica playing is just great. I learned the "Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch" in a few days. But not only that, I can also control the computer through you. You can move mountains. A heartfelt thanks to you. [...]

Thanks again for everything and remain your Eva, who is very proud to have you as a teacher.

- Eva, our student since August 2016
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